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The Winds that Blow before the Rain SKU UPC Model


May 01, 2013 by Bob Evans

A very enjoyable read, could not put it down. Excellent description of Zimbabwe landscapes. Felt you were there. Hopefully one day the people of Zimbabwe will live in peace.

Outstanding Novel

Apr 03, 2013 by Jhey

This is a must-read - THE book to buy in 2013. The author cleverly runs two parallel stories which come together for a "can't put it down" finish. Combines the cruelty of war and shows how it ravages a stunning country (both in terms of landscape and people), yet in spite of this, love and hope still exists - something that can never be taken away. A real page-turner. Would love to see a movie made of this!

An excellent read

Mar 01, 2013 by Dr Gordon Foulkes

A master of his craft Michael Anthony weaves the violent political history of Rhodesia's transition to Zimbabwe into the impact this has on the lives of its people seen through the eyes of the main players in this captivating tale. Michael Anthony captures the heart and soul of two men with the same values separated by the colour of their skin and the accident of birth. This fast moving and gripping novel reveals the beauty of this part of Africa and the inhumanity that is destroying it. An excellent read.

Absorbing reading

Feb 25, 2013 by REVEL

A narrative that is both powerful and descriptive of a time and place of a conflict which has largely been forgotten. I have been through this beautiful and once prosperous country and the books depiction of those troubled times resonates with the imagery of lives and loves lost.You cannot read this quickly but I do urge you to buy/borrow a copy and lose yourself in it. A moving first novel by an author that clearly writes from the heart Excellent 10/10

Thrilling and touching story, set in the chaos of the creation of Zimbabwe

Feb 22, 2013 by Siko

Ok I must admit I know the author, not well admittedly, but all the same I know him as a fascinating character who has had a colourful and very interesting life. I had always hoped he would write an autobiographical memoir about his experiences in the Rhodesian SAS fighting the 'Bush War', and, whilst this is obviously not that book, it is a tender and extremely well-written novel that surprised me and had me utterly hooked from the start. I read this pretty much straight through in two days and I hope you appreciate that this is testament to how enjoyable it was to read, rather than from any tenuous link to the author.

I would categorise the novel as a love story, but not the one that is described on the dust-jacket, rather it seems to me to be the one between the author and Africa. His descriptions of the characters, the scenery, the wildlife and the reality of life in Zimbabwe are evocative and heart-warming, yet also disturbing at times; however, ultimately this is bursting full of the real vigour of life, both good and bad, in Africa. As a description of life in Africa it is sensational and you feel you are there, from beginning to end.

Caution: this para contains spoilers! The story itself starts prior to the bush war, when a cruel racist act tears a young Black man away from the White family he works for, subsequently becoming a successful guerilla who is driven by injustice, but also one who rapidly distances himself from the many excesses of a brutal terrorist organisation. A twist of fate at the end of the war sees him driven into post-war Zimbabwe, hunting for revenge and eventually repaying a debt to a former enemy when he comes into the life of a soldiers widow, whose farm is under threat from Mugabe's henchmen. Then comes the Special Forces soldier who saved his life in the closing days of the war and they join together in the latter part of the book to attempt to save the widow and deliver revenge to the henchmen. I won't spoil the'll have to read it, but it is well worth it!

So overall, it is a thoroughly gripping and utterly fascinating window on an almost forgotten period in Africa's sometimes dark history, written by a man who was there at the heart of it and one who remains resolutely in love with the continent and it's people, both black and white.

An amazing story

Feb 16, 2013 by Julia

Beautifully descriptive and a compelling love story. The author clearly has a deep connection with this country and you just want to learn more. Read and enjoy!

The Winds That Blow Before the Rains is probably the best book i have ever read.

Feb 15, 2013 by AWELON

What a story and written by someone who was there. It is a very exciting and sometimes sad love story based on real events with a plot that equals any any books which are totally fictional. It is so good that i have purchased more copies for my friends. i hope that this is one of many future books from Michael Anthony.


Feb 10, 2013 by Wal B

A compelling a book. The Author's deep emotional connection to Zimbabwe and its people shines through the story of the main characters. Beautifully written. The tragedy that is Zimbabwe is balanced by love and passion for the country.


Feb 08, 2013 by mike

A gripping story from the opening chapter to the final twist at the end. Sengamo like Mandela is a character I will never forget. Must be a movie!

the winds that blow before the rains

Jan 29, 2013 by Mornings in Jenin

the best book i have read in such a long time lots of factual events but a wonderful love story. please make it into a film

5.0 5.0 30 30 Gripping throughout, a great read The Winds that Blow before the Rain