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The Winds that Blow before the Rain SKU UPC Model

Utterly engaging

Nov 20, 2013 by Kate Tolson

Gripping throughout, a great read

a love story on different levels

Sep 29, 2013 by jennyb

We left Zimbabwe in 1975 but it is a country that gets into your blood and once there it is never forgotten.The sights and smells and sounds of Africa are brought back on every page of this book.It tells of both sides of the coin and of the desperate situation that still exists.A love story between a man and a woman but also a love story between the characters and the country.We get to see the "bush war" from all sides.A really good read.

Brilliant read

Aug 14, 2013 by H

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves reading. It is very well written, engaging, imaginative, thought provoking and emotional. It transports you to another time and culture with such ease.


Aug 11, 2013 by steph

An excellent read, perfect for holiday as you can become totally absorbed in the characters and the country without any interruptions! There are really two love stories, one between the author and the country, and the other between two of the main characters, but the real hero is Sengamo. Looking forward to a second book from the author and highly recommend this first book.


Jul 17, 2013 by Loraine

What a beautiful book. Michael Anthony has managed to capture the atmosphere at what was a wonderful Country. He has brought it's modern history to life. Interwoven with the ruthless War and it's aftermath, we have a moving love story between Isobella and Robert Doyle and the story of Sengamo who tries to make sense of his Country.
A wonderful read.

The best read in a long time

Jun 27, 2013 by Ginny Walton

I too am a friend of the author and therefore was slightly afraid I wouldn't enjoy Michael's first novel. I needn't have been, this is a truly beautifully written masterpiece. I read the book in 2 days, less if you allow for sleep! It's a real page turner and I was immediately transported to another time and place. Words are written on the page as strokes are painted on canvass. The sights, sounds and smells of the author's Africa jump out from the page, descriptions of the flora and wildlife so wonderfully detailed.

The story rattles along at a great pace with Sengamo being framed for a crime he did not commit. Because of this his life changes and his journey begins. The characters lives intertwine in a love story set amongst the harsh poverty and even harsher atrocities that took place in 1970's Africa. It's a tough read at times and knowing its based on fact makes it all the tougher. However it is a love story not only between man and woman but man and country, and I admit although it reduced me to tears at times, hope and optimism for a peaceful Africa runs like a seam throughout the book.

For a first novel this is amazing and Michael should be extremely proud of such an achievement. I hope my words (as a first time reviewer) will encourage you to read it as soon as you can.


Jun 24, 2013 by Sandra Curto

This book had a massive impact on our Book club - ALL of us liked it beyond anything we had read before and despite our different tastes in reading we all gave it top marks. None of us ladies have ever experienced Africa and all that Africa means but somehow this book, this story spoke to us & we were all there with the characters, drinking each word, each page and wanting more...
We shall never forget the emotions we went through while reading it.

The winds that blow before the rains

Jun 10, 2013 by Alice

An incredible read. I have always wanted to learn much more about this fascinating country, and this book gave me the opportunity. This novel is truly beautiful, written in a way that captures the horror and destruction, but also the beauty of the country. The atmospheric description of the landscape, the people, the culture is transporting,saturating. This book is fully immersing, something I rarely find, and I really was unable to put it down. This insightful and inspirational story is thoroughly recommended to all

A life-changing tale of a harsh and raw place and time

May 24, 2013 by BookWorm Helen

This book will stay with me for life. It is a haunting fictional account that is based on unimaginable real life events - some of which must have been experienced by the author based on his bio. The protagonists - not just Sengamo but Robert Doyle, Issy and Danny - plus almost everyone else in the story suffer so much pain, sadness and torture. I kept thinking something was going to go wrong on the way to South Africa at the end... I won't give a spoiler away. I'm astonished at the harsh and raw setting of the book. A part of the world I've never been to or know a lot about but feel connected to now in a way that makes me want to know more and visit and support the charity that this book supports.

To think that some of it must have been inspired by what the author experienced and witnessed. I can't imagine and wish it could be just fiction... Of course it isn't all fiction. If only.

It is hard to believe this is a debut novel. Truly exceptional writing talent and so so good to discover something new and unique and truly gripping.

a well written, informative novel.

May 08, 2013 by William E Lawrence

An exceptional first novel. Well formulated with a good story line and obviously a good factual knowledge of the country. Would thoroughly recommend.

5.0 5.0 30 30 Gripping throughout, a great read The Winds that Blow before the Rain