June 2013





Michael Anthony, a former SAS soldier who served in the Regiment in Zimbabwe, has written a book telling the compelling story of struggle, passion and friendship during the most turbulent times of the 1972 Rhodesian conflict.

The Winds that Blow Before the Rains is the literary sensation that has captured the hearts and minds of readers around the world. Set in Zimbabwe, it is a hauntingly beautiful love story about a tragic country where extraordinary allegiances triumph over segregation.

A master of his craft, Michael Anthony weaves the violent political history of Rhodesia’s transition to Zimbabwe into the impact this has had on the lives of its people. His understanding of and empathy for them is encapsulated in Sengamo, a black man brought up on a white farm, fighting for independence but disheartened by the brutality and evil that ensues in Mugabe’s fight for supremacy. Amid the ruthlessness of war, Anthony introduces a passionate love affair between Isabella and Robert Doyle, a Special Forces soldier, cleverly developing the stories to entwine into a magnificent read.

Already receiving outstanding reviews across all retail platforms, the book has multiple 5-star ratings from Amazon readers and impressive accolades from far and wide.

In the book, Michael Anthony paints an honest and personal portrayal of the traumas, the violence and the inhumanity that was suffered by both sides in the conflict. His deep emotional connection to Zimbabwe and its people shines through the story and has driven him to help the nation’s forgotten citizens. In an unprecedented move for a first-time author, Anthony has committed ALL PROCEEDS from the book to go directly to the charity SOS Children. They work locally in Zimbabwe supporting some of the 1.5 million orphans impacted by HIV / AIDS.

Andrew Cates, CEO of SOS Children, said: ‘We are delighted that Michael Anthony has chosen to make such a generous contribution to our work. The proceeds from his book will help us to provide a safe and loving home for extremely vulnerable children in Zimbabwe, many with HIV / AIDS. You can support us by buying the book, talking about it, and so helping us to transform young lives.’

The book’s profile and proceeds help to put a spotlight on a beautiful country set against the backdrop of one of the world’s forgotten wars, but still facing the challenges and hardships relevant today.

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Note to Editors

  • The Winds that Blow Before the Rains can be purchased as an electronic book from most leading retail sites including and Limited print editions, published by Troubador, are available from them online.
  • This is Michael Anthony’s first book. He fled to Africa with his mother in 1947 and settled in Rhodesia for sixteen years before eventually joining the SAS. After three years of operations in the bush he left to travel the world, eventually returning to England where he decided to pursue his passion for writing.
  • In Zimbabwe there are a staggering 1.5 million orphans as a result of HIV / AIDS, many of them with no shelter or food, but most of all, with no hope. SOS Children is an international charity – as featured in the BBC’s BAFTA-winning documentary Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children – that provides a safe home for children in Zimbabwe who have also lost parents due to poverty and disease.