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Xmas OZ 06 213 This is my first attempt at blogging which I am doing on a word document. I have yet to figure out how to put it on the website but more about that later.

The webpage has only just gone live and being a dinosaur on anything remotely concerned with a computer it’s going to be a case of sock it and see.

Okay so let’s hit you with an interesting little scenario that happened towards the end of our great British summer. I live in a little market town called Melbourne. At this stage I will diversify. Our Melbourne in Derbyshire is responsible for giving its name to the Melbourne in Australia or rather Lord Melbourne who lived here in the Hall (Melbourne Hall are our neighbours) was accountable for this transfer of ownership. Melbourne is Australia’s city of culture so the name is rather appropriate. Anyway enough of my rambling.

In September the town held its annual art festival and we decided to open a stall selling my book. It was enormously successful and in between bottles of red wine I sold over 200 books. These events appear to have a “knock-on” effect and unbeknown to me, a lady who bought the book was a member of the Punjabi Ladies Book-club. She returned for 16 more copies and I was asked to speak to their book-club in Nottingham. I spoke for 3 hours non-stop and sold another 20 books. Then last week I was invited back to a fund raising event by the good ladies and sold over 50 books, raising nearly £800. I can see at this point you are asking yourself what I mean by the term, “raising? Well let me explain.

All proceeds from not only this book, but every other book I write, go towards helping HIV children at an SOS Village near Bindura in Zimbabwe. (See the charity link on the website)

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and friendship of the Punjabi Ladies Circle. Let’s see if we can keep the ball rolling. By buying the book you not only get a great story, you help to give children dying of Aids a little of what we all take for granted.

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